Ms. Jamie Keiles: period goblet


so i bought a diva cup a while ago but i’m on that birth control that’s only four periods a year, so i thought i was going to have to wait three months to use it BUT THEN i forgot to take my birth control for a million days and got a surprise period, which was great because i got to use my diva cup!

if you don’t know what adiva cupis, its just a brand of a menstrual cup, which is basically a tiny rubbery cup you put in your vagina to catch all the period bloods. here is a corny pic i found online of one:

i thought it was going to be hard to use but it actually was really easy.  you basically just fold the thing in half and shove it in your vag.  it opens by itself and then you just twist it a little to make some suction (not like, a creepy alien mouth amount of suction, just a little to keep it in place).  it doesn’t hurt and so far it hasn’t leaked.  i thought i was going to like, have to stick my hand in my vag up to my elbow to put it in but it was not messier than a tampon.

reasons to get one: 

  • savin’ money (you can use it for a long time)
  • the environment (you don’t make heaps of trash every time you period)
  • health (something about putting bleached cotton in your vagina idk)

a bunch of other brands make menstrual cups too (lunette, keeper, mooncup, instead, ladycup, femmecup, mia cup) and they come in a bunch of sizes.

idk if they are for everyone but it seems cool and i love gadgets.  if you are a person who gets a period you should look into this option!  the only downside is that it is called a diva cup when clearly the better name would be GORE CHALICE.

I mean, obviously GORE CHALICE is the best name for a Diva Cup (I actually own a Diva Cup and a Fleur Cup, for reasons best left to one-on-one conversations. I love them both).

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More evidence supporting my change to the Diva Cup about four years ago. No regrets.

More evidence supporting my change to the Diva Cup about four years ago. No regrets.